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Application Of The Latest LED Technology
Jun 03, 2016

LED (light emitting diode) lighting is the use of fourth generation green light of LED lighting. LED was referred to as the fourth generation light source or the green light, with energy-saving, environmental protection, long life, small size and other characteristics, can be used in all kinds of directions, display, decoration, back lighting, general lighting and urban landscape and so on. In recent years, the development of some developed economies around the world LED a fierce competition. China's Ministry of science and technology in the "863" project, supported by development semiconductor lighting plan was first proposed in June 2003. With the development of technology and application of LED technology is going. Below, zhongshanshi technology lighting Ltd will take you to meet 21st century development of LED technology.

Recently, some well-known companies came out with iPhone, iPad (along with built-in) WiFi controlled LED light bulbs, can independently adjust the brightness and color of the color scenes follow. Each bulb can fully customize the color of the light, used to control the light color of the applications built into the four default mode: relax, reading, focus and energy. Users can set different lighting scenes for each room, regularly replaced or cancelled. Photos that are stored on your phone may also be used to define the light color templates. This custom is very powerful, the user can according to their own habits and set light atmosphere, remote control, help wake up/sleep and so on. Hue bulb flagship energy-saving environmental protection, in the case of equal brightness and traditional 50W incandescent bulb only 8.5W power consumption.

Recently, Hong Kong has released two transboundary strong LED metal light mobile power MP30 (6600 mAh), MP31 (13200 MA), not only have a large capacity battery, designed light daily emergency flashlight feature is also convenient to use. MP30, MP31 mobile power supply with aircraft-grade alumina material to create, thickened tough shatter-resistant and equipped with a silicone sleeve, a special transparent hand-strap, and has the properties of waterproof and easy to carry. With the MP30 6600 mAh power, MP31 13200 Ma power Super capacity can provide portable digital device with long battery life.

In advances in technology, science and technology in development, I believe more and more LED invention public, for everyone to bring a whole new experience of working life. Zhongshan high power LED wall washer light makes life easier, make life more beautiful.