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Commercial Luminaires Divided Into What Type
Sep 25, 2017

Commercial lighting according to different occasions, different groups, need to design a different visual senses, commercial lighting should be from the following two aspects to the layout:

1, whether the attractiveness of goods can give people a bright spot in the visibility and attractiveness of goods in commercial lighting plays a vital role, and instantly can not attract customers often rely on professional commercial lighting design. Mainly by focusing on lighting products to enhance the emphasis on the appearance of goods so that they become the focus of attention;

2, comfortable light environment, giving a feeling of home In order to attract customers, shopping malls must create a comfortable light environment, light with a very important, a customer shopping if you feel comfortable, will stay longer, flowers More money, and happy to come back again and again consumption, and introduce friends to spend, comfortable to buy lighting environment gives the feeling of people, high-quality lighting can inspire emotions and honor, and then strengthen the store's brand image. Commercial lighting is mainly used in hotel restaurants, shops, large shopping malls, all kinds of exhibition halls and other places.

3, reasonable commercial lighting selection in the entire interior design also plays a key role in the heavy. Commercial lighting used in many types, according to the configuration can be divided into ceiling, wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp and other types. Ceiling lamps include LED ceiling lamps, LED downlights, LED lighting and other LED engineering lights, hanging lights, luminous ceiling, dark slot lights and other types, and the largest number is LED downlight, LED lighting and other LED engineering lights.

Suspension lamps, including chandeliers, lanterns, lanterns, telescopic chandeliers, etc., generally as a general indoor lighting, and play a decorative role, the choice of different modeling style, size, texture and other chandeliers, will affect the art of the entire atmosphere, Reflect the different grades.

Ceiling lamps include mounted, embedded lighting, direct adsorption or embedded in the ceiling fixed on the ceiling, compared with the chandelier is generally used for less space. Embedded lamps such as LED downlight, LED lighting, LED grille lights and other LED engineering lights, more subtle, so as not to destroy the effect of ceiling ceiling, to maintain the overall unity of commercial architectural design. Luminous ceiling all or part of the use of light-transmitting material to do the shape, the internal uniform distribution of fluorescent light or hard light source, this form can also be used to form a wall or ground, the formation of light-emitting walls and light-emitting ground. It should be noted that the luminous ground requires more robust materials, such as steel skeleton, and the use of tempered glass to do light transmission material. Luminous light tank often use the building structure or interior decoration structure of the light source to block, so that the light to the top or side, as a decorative or auxiliary light source, increase the level of space. Wall lamp cantilevered and attached to the wall of two, more installed in the wall or column, a decorative role. With the use of other lamps, rich lighting effects, but also can play a role in increasing the level of space. Table lamp and floor lamp both functional lighting, but also decorative and atmosphere of the role of lighting.