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Commercial Luminaires Target Targeted
May 19, 2017

Commercial Luminaires Target targeted

The production of commercial lamps originates from the birth of public commercial establishments and the production of lighting systems for commercial applications in order to serve the needs of commercial premises lighting. Modern Commercial Luminaires is clearly in the traditional Commercial Luminaires on the basis of more content.

For the use of light in a particular business environment, the color temperature, color temperature, light color has a scientific definition and according to the requirements of a more accurate calculation, different from the initial visual assessment; modern business lighting targeted targeted, in order to achieve outstanding A function often requires a specific design to reflect the environment, reflecting the specific nature of the business and characteristics of the nature of modern Commercial Luminaires by the purpose of lighting decisions, often in the rendering of the atmosphere on the use of regional multi-point light source, light color space combination ; With the use of high-tech computer controllable technology, to dynamic, variable, there is a specific way to achieve the interaction with the audience to the state; with the development of compact light, ballasts and other ultra-small, ultra-thin , A variety of new technologies, new technology, the continuous use of electrical accessories, modern business lighting is to small, practical and multi-functional aspects of development; from a single lighting function to the direction of lighting and decoration transformation.

With the progress of the times, modern Commercial Luminaires technology, lighting, aesthetic concepts are constantly updated.

General business scene lighting, highlighting the Commercial Luminaires and decorative lighting, divided into business environment, the display area (window), population area, commercial display area lighting and external landscape lighting.