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Commercial Luminaires With The Development Potential Of The Product
Oct 17, 2017

At present, the main application of the lamp is the performance of commercial lighting convenience, and in addition to the home decoration is used, the most common is a crystal lamp. Nowadays there is such a statement on the market, the market that the home will become the most development potential of the product industry, the development prospects are broad. So, commercial lights and home crystal lighting in the end what is the difference? Will the market shift? Now let's take a summary!

1. Commercial lighting is mainly used for industrial, on the road, landscape and a variety of special lighting, lighting, is based on the development of incandescent. Commercial lights are mainly divided into spotlights and floodlights two, and with the development of lighting technology, commercial lighting is the best solution for halogen and metal halide lamp. Even so, commercial lighting for optical research or pay attention to.

2. So what are the floodlights in which industries are widely used? Spotlight is applied to which industry up? Experts point out that the floodlight is mainly used in some large attractions lighting, such as commercial buildings, external lighting and roadside often see the street lights. The spotlight is widely used in industry. Automotive lighting is the combination of spotlight and floodlight.

3. What is the difference between spotlight and floodlight? The spotlight has a distant irradiation distance, while the floodlight has a larger radiation area. The use of two different lamps determine the use of its characteristics. There is also a more popular lamps, that is, art lighting, crystal lighting is one of them. Nowadays can be used to decorate more and more lamps, not only for commercial applications but also widely used in the home.