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Comparison Of Energy Saving Of Solar Street Lighting And LED Street Lighting
Sep 27, 2017

  Comparison of energy saving of solar street Lighting and LED street Lighting

  LED Street Lighting is known to the public, and contact the most types of energy-saving Lightings, solar street light compared to a much less common people can contact, understanding of energy conservation and environmental protection also "listen."

  After more than two simple introductions, we should save energy with an answer. Yes, energy-saving is absolutely superior to LED street Lightings, solar street Lightings, solar street lights led energy-saving power, at the same time, the use of solar energy to convert to electricity, the advantage is obvious. Independent power supply, solar street lighting equipment does not have to pay expensive power, in the use of solar panel components life of up to 30 years, 6-7 years to restore capital, high efficiency, energy-saving performance of solar street Lightings is no doubt, and led street Lightings using the nature of Solar street lighting system, the use of LED light source, efficient, energy Energy-saving 70% than the original use of energy-saving Lightings or high-pressure sodium Lighting, the use of life can also reach more than 50,000 hours, light source energy consumption greatly reduced, there is a better energy-saving effect, today's road lighting projects of the original high-pressure sodium Lighting and energy-saving Lightings gradually replaced the LED street Lightings, saving

  In fact, the difference has two links, first LED Lighting light source, the use of LED lights, power supply system is still traditional thermal power and hydropower, and so on. Solar street Lightings, peers can know its emphasis on power supply system, solar energy to convert to the Lighting, its lighting system is mainly used for LED lights.