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Electronica: Rohm Gets Into LED Headlights
Jan 03, 2017

Matrix headlamps use an array of LEDs to allow arbitrary beam shapes to be produced – dip, main, anything in between, and anti-dazzle dark spots withing beams.

“Matrix/Pixel LED dynamic front lights and dynamic sequential turn indicators mark the latest developments in exterior lighting,” said the firm. “Several application examples demonstrate the benefits, for example a high beam/low beam demo, a Matrix Headlamp and two different matrix drivers for a sequential turn system – a stand-alone matrix driver and a matrix driver controlled by an MCU.”

On top of this for car lighting will be chips for rear lamps and daytime running lights.

Away from cars, Rohm also plans to show silicon carbide power components.

Completely new are D2pak Schottky barrier diodes working at 2A and 4A. These ‘third generation’ diodes are added to recently announced 650V TO220AC devices at 6, 8 and 10A.

Then there will be full SiC modules including one for chopper power converters with SiC trench mosfets and Schottkys. The mosfets have a double trench gate structure.

Also there, for inductive phone charging, the firm is collaborating with Würth Elektronik to offer a design kit for Wireless Power Consortium Qi 1.2.