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Energy Saving Makes Solar Street Lights More Environmentally Friendly
Sep 27, 2017

  Energy saving makes solar street lights more environmentally friendly

  Solar street light is light, solar street light distance, like a deck of yellow flowers, green village is decorated more beautiful. In the city on the road, a lot of light solar street lights city night travel brings convenience and security.

  Solar street light is solar sun solar panels battery, battery power load applications, no chaos at night priceless pipeline laying, can be adjusted lighting planning, safe and energy saving pollution, no manual operation safe and reliable operation, saving electricity, no protection.

  Solar street light system works: the use of light-borne V effect principle made of solar panels on the day, to accept and solar radiation can be converted into power output, stored in the battery, charge and discharge controller in the evening when the light from 10 lux gradually reduced mercy, solar The open circuit voltage of the panel is 4.5 V, the charge and discharge controller detects the voltage value of the operation, and the battery discharges the lamp holder.

  Solar street light system components: light pole (including bracket), LED lights, solar lighting controller, solar panels, battery insulation (including battery box).