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High Power LED Street Light Cooling Technology
Aug 02, 2017

  High Power LED Street Light Cooling Technology. Often the definition of LED lamp brightness attenuation of 30% of the time as its life, LED itself, poor temperature resistance, its light attenuation is a gradual decay of the process, and the initial attenuation of the time, in addition to the quality of the lamp itself In addition, the main and the lamp is related to the temperature. To Taiwan, a LED lighting, for example, LED Street Light the nominal temperature of 45 ℃, after 64,000 hours, the brightness of the initial 70%; temperature at 65 ℃, this time is 34,000 hours; 85 ℃ when the 1.9 Million hours; and the contact temperature of 275 ℃, this time is 5 seconds.

  Light failure is a high-power LED lights can not work long-term main reason, and reduce the light failure is an important way to improve and strengthen the heat, if the lamp cooling design is not in place, LED chip junction temperature will be too high, LED Street Light will lead to the chip itself And the deterioration of the encapsulation resin, resulting in a decrease in luminous efficiency and a shortening of life. Effectively improve the LED heat problem is to overcome the key to high-power lighting. This reason is very simple, but in the field of LED industry, the heat problem is always the most difficult and headaches of the manufacturers, LED Street Light in order to solve the problem of heat and light failure, many domestic enterprises exhaustive.

  In the past two years, many domestic LED lights more than the case of dead lights, although we are aware of the light failure is high-power LED lights can not work long-term reasons, began to realize that an important way to reduce light failure is to improve heat dissipation. Despite the results from the National Semiconductor Industry Alliance in Shenzhen, 27 large-scale enterprise high-power LED lighting product test results, 1200 hours after the light failure, the best for the 8%, the worst of 26%, the average 14%. LED Street Light Most manufacturers of street light is still unable to meet the requirements of the use of light.