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Integrated Solar Street Light Anti-theft Installation Bracket Concentrated In One
Sep 25, 2017

Integrated Solar Street Light, also known as solar lights, is the efficiency of solar panels, 3-5 years of long life lithium batteries, high efficiency LED and intelligent controller, PIR human induction module, anti-theft installation bracket Concentrated in one of the solar street lights.

Working characteristics (principle):

Integrated solar street light solar panels through the conversion of solar energy into electricity, and stored in lithium batteries, led lights under the control of intelligent control, during the day under the solar energy charging, working at night, at the same time, the human body intelligent sensor system can In the absence of the environment, to achieve the effect of energy saving. All with intelligent controller fully automatic control.

main feature:

Integrated solar street light is a solar panel, led lights and lithium batteries in one, through which the intelligent human body sensor system, so that it has low energy consumption, high when used, high lumen, maintenance-free features. At the same time, the integration of solar street lights is also easy to install, easy to transport.

Use and installable area:

Integrated solar street lights can be installed in the courtyard, residential area, golf course, highway, mining area, parking lot, and any need for lighting, where the battery to provide lighting, solar panels will convert the energy stored in the battery.

Main components of the product:

Integrated solar street lights mainly by the solar panels, shell, lithium batteries, led lights, human body intelligent sensor controller and light hoop (support rod) composition.