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Lamp Installation
Jun 03, 2016

A) installation distance between luminaires and luminaire should not be too close to the lighting installation at the overcrowded, will make the lamp temperatures.

B) lamp temperature high ballast temperature rise exceeds the allowable range of lead stabilizers, shortened bulb life, burning and lamp or lamps within space phenomena such as cracking.

C) lamp temperature rise inside the lamp size, lighting and lamps arranged in size, and the impact of construction, materials, please refer to the following correct installation method:

(1) adequate lighting installation interval.

(2) increase the lighting interior space.

(3) the luminaire body around cooling vents.

(4) stabilizer mount.

(5) the ceiling inside a well-ventilated. D) installation location avoid contact with curtains and other flammable items.

E) upper temperature is very high such as gas appliances, lamps and heat to maintain the appropriate distance, such as kitchen, lighting installation location away from heat sources should be more than 1 m.

F) rain-proof installation direction specifies the direction of the lights, installation must be in accordance with the directions, to prevent water intrusion.

G) when moisture-proof and waterproof lights is installed, the following points should be noted:

(1) mounting surface with a lighting installation portion of the rubber washers must be closed.

(2) when mounting surface if there is uneven, and after the installation location of the fill, installing lamps.

(3) Note that power outlets appear there is any danger of soaking.

H) reinforced concrete device when lighting, must wait for the concrete surface after drying, lamps can be installed if you do not confirm the dry, lighting installation, concrete moisture is absorbed by the lamps, and leads to reduced insulation, light coating off.