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LED Digital Tube Features
Jun 03, 2016

LED digital tube can be placed on the PCB circuit board arranged in the order red, green and blue in a straight line, with dedicated driver control, constitute an endless variety of colors and shapes. Shell is made of flame-resistant PC plastic, high strength, impact resistance, anti-aging, UV protection, dust-proof, moisture-proof. LED guardrail tube with low power consumption, no heat, impact resistance, long life and other advantages, with the controller you can do water, gradients, jumping, chasing, and other effects.

If LED digital tube applied to large area projects, computer controller, can also display patterns, animated video equivalent LED digital lights up a simulation LED display, analog display can offer a variety of full-color effects and dynamic display picture characters, you can control offline synchronization control or connected to your computer; you can display a wide variety of full-color animation. Control system uses a special light programming software editing, digital control pattern changes, just edit the generated format file is copied into the CF card tricks, digital controllers can be controlled individually, or multiple online control, digital control installation arrangement any, suitable for a variety of complex engineering requirements. Digital tubes, controllers and power supplies as a standard male and female connectors, fast and convenient, and has a unique design, a new outdoor waterproof structure.