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LED Lighting Red Market Analysis
Jun 03, 2016

We know now of lighting lamps has no longer is past cookie of incandescent, now of source as gold halogen lamp, and promise lamp, and energy-saving lamp, and HID light, and LED and so on; different of lamp on will has they different of compared of at; on now LED lighting lamp development better of trend view, we should understand it and General of lighting lamps what difference in where? why LED lighting lamps in now of market so welcomes?

Comparison of LED lighting and general lighting luminaire

LED lighting lighting is the biggest difference with traditional LED lighting is a fully electronic products, traditional lighting is only one electrical products. LED lighting fixtures can be easily associated with the various types of sensors, in order to achieve light control, infrared controls and other control functions. LED Street lamp automatic switch, with a light sensor can be simple to achieve community walkways and garden lighting at night, using infra-red sensors to collect information on human activities, automatic opening and closing lights.

General lighting lamps contain high levels of mercury vapor, if broken mercury vapour would evaporate into the atmosphere. LED lighting is essentially the use of mercury and LED lighting products does not lead to the environment play a role in maintaining traditional lamps produces a lot of heat, and LED lighting is electricity, all converted to light, will not create waste of energy. And documents, clothing and no fading phenomenon; LED lighting does not produce noise, on the use of sophisticated electronic instruments place on the best choice. Suitable for libraries, places such as Office; traditional fluorescent lamps is the use of alternating current, will produce 100-120 times per second strobe.

LED lighting is directly converts AC to DC, without flickering, protecting our eyes; LED lighting does not produce ultraviolet light, thus does not like traditional lighting, there are many mosquito coil next to the light source. Interior will become more clean and hygienic and clean.