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LED Street Light Features And Market Demand
Oct 26, 2017

LED street light and conventional street lights is different, LED street light source with low voltage DC power supply, by the GaN-based power-type blue LED and yellow synthesis of high efficiency white, with high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response, high color rendering index Unique advantages can be widely used in roads. Cover available production, high temperature of 135 degrees, low temperature -45 degrees.

This year the market demand for LED street light is very large, to replace the traditional street light potential, but many people found that LED street light have a series of technical problems, need to understand, and today I explain how to make LED street light more bright, we all know LED is According to the control of light angle to adjust the lighting effect, in other words, the luminous angle is to determine the LED brightness of a maximum factor, the general district or road lights are 3.5 meters or 4 meters, according to the relationship between the geometric solution, you can calculate the general light angle For the best angle of 140 degrees.

LED street light is the most widely used street light we have used so far, because it is more energy efficient than the traditional street light and the cost is cheaper, so we are widely used. We LED street light production must meet the following requirements, so as to better meet the needs of users.

1. Light conversion rate of 17%, (per square solar energy of 1000W, the actual utilization efficiency of 170W).

2. The current market lantern lens material for the improved optical materials, transmittance ≥ 93%, temperature -38- +90 degrees.

3.LED street light lens, mainly used for LED street light lens, the spot is rectangular, the material is PMMA optical materials, transmittance ≥ 93%, temperature -38- +90 degrees, anti-UV UV `yellowing rate of 30000 hours Change and so on.

4. The average illuminance of the road illumination uniformity is 0.48. Spot ratio 1: 2.

5. Meet the road illumination. (The actual 1/2 center light spot to 25LUX, 1/4 center light intensity to 15LUX, 16 meters away from the minimum light intensity 4LUX, overlapping light intensity of about 6LUX.

6. It has a very good application prospect in the new city lighting. The depth of the dimming, and the color and other features will not change due to dimming.

7. Adapt to humidity: ≤ 95%.

8. Quality assurance: 2 years.