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LED Street Light Future Production And Promotion
Oct 26, 2017

With the acceleration of urbanization process, LED lights have long been into the people's vision, and now, big city streets, LED lights everywhere, it is dotted with the city's night sky. However, it still does not get the fullest use, nothing more than because of its own there are some limitations. In order to ensure that LED lights can play in our lives more role in the future research and production and promotion of use, we should solve these problems

First: the shape of the light structure. Traditional street lights are basically the same shape, generally divided into two parts of the light source and electrical appliances, but because of the special nature of the LED light source and light different, making the appearance of LED lights can be described as many tricks, many of which can not shape the light To meet the requirements of the operation, and even some enterprises are based on indoor standards applied to outdoor street lights.

Second: LED lights and poles of the connection problems. At present, almost all of the LED lights are fixed with a screw positioning, and rarely fixed with a hoop bolts. So, for the safe operation of the light there is a great risk.

The limitations of LED streetlight itself restrict its development

Third: the replacement of the light parts of the problem. LED street light components generally have LED chip, power (drive) and light shell several parts. Vulnerable components are mainly power and chips. Generally speaking, LED lighting chip can not be replaced, and power (drive) can be replaced, however, there are many products in the power supply (drive) replacement is not enough convenient, the replacement is too time-consuming.

As we all know, now the life of LED lights can reach 3-5 million hours. If the LED chip can not be replaced, it means to replace the entire light, it will cause a waste.

Fourth: the life of the power supply (drive). Power (drive) is the current LED lighting is a key component. Can currently be on the market are generally only to ensure the quality of LED chips, and power (drive) life is another matter. General manufacturers promise to ensure that 2 years on the good. This is the end because of the development of LED lights encountered a new bottleneck - the quality of the power supply (drive) is not guaranteed, it restricts the development of LED lights.

LED lights energy-saving effect. Theoretically energy-saving, but the actual application of LED lights is not more than high-pressure sodium light energy saving. Lighting quality standards under the premise of high pressure sodium light high power light (250 ~ 400W) light efficiency, up to 130 ~ 140 1m / W. And high-power LED lights with 1W LED tube, theoretically its light efficiency and high pressure sodium light is almost, but considering the ballast loss, light efficiency and track utilization and other three factors, considering the current LED than the high pressure sodium light energy efficiency Lower. While the small power LED lights (≤ 150W) than the high pressure sodium light energy saving 10%.