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LED Street Lighting Have Good Visual Effects But High Power Integration
Oct 20, 2017

A reflective cup of the block, high-power integrated package LED Street Lighting visual effects. To prevent the eyes look straight spot, but the requirements of the heat is very high, a number of chip integrated package lumens value is currently relatively low. Light color and lighting quality, integrated package LED light source shows a unique advantage: the same light will not appear in the phenomenon of light color uneven, the light emitted by the light in the radiation plane uniform and thorough, with good visual comfort Sex, there will not be troubled by the combination of goggles phenomenon, driven by a single driver, the port is small, reliable, the line arrangement within the light source will not appear electromagnetic interference; can facilitate the realization of the electrodeless dimming function; About 95% and so on.

New LED Street Lighting cooling module: cooling to 40 ° LED Street Lighting cooling module + integrated package LED module

Fan cooling system is complex, the current LED Street Lighting cooling methods are: landscape lights natural convection cooling, the installation of forced cooling fan, heat pipe and heat pipe heat and so on. But there are many deficiencies. Low reliability, often the fan's life is shorter than the chip, has long been abandoned by the industry. Heat pipe heat is accepted by the industry, but the effect is more far-fetched. There is also a heat sink with a heat, but the appearance of the product is limited, the effect is unsatisfactory.

New LED Street Lighting cooling module solution features:

The whole structure is called radioactive solar flower cylindrical structure, 1 the heat dissipation structure to guide the heat to the heating element as the central axis starting point and its surrounding distribution. To maximize the appearance of the product, is conducive to the proliferation of heat to the air.

Aluminum is the heat and other properties of relatively good metal, 2 the radiator using a special high heat aluminum alloy information. Through the appearance of special disposal, almost no corrosion, life is infinite. 3 This solution is innovative in the radiator center to join the special medium, the use of a physical principle of the rapid flow of heat through the entire radiator lamp shell surface, and then by the high heat dissipation of the fins and air exchange of heat go. With this structure can be increased by increasing the length of the radiator to control the LED temperature, making the LED temperature close to room temperature 30 degrees.

By increasing the length of the radiator, this new heat dissipation structure can really give the light to life for more than a decade. The program can be used in more than 1000 watts of projection lamps, searchlights, is developing 400W600W800W1200W above the projection lamp, searchlight "It is reported that this solution can not only be used in LED Street Lighting, can also be used in other high power LED Street Lighting, such as the playground , Airport, dock, solar street light, golf course lights, RGB stage lights, RGB landscape projection lamps, square lights, military searchlights, etc., need good thermal performance.

But because of heat problems, optimistic about the high-power integrated package LED Street Lighting The current market there are two main street lights: multiple small power LED combination lights and high-power integrated package LED Street Lighting. Although the latter visual effect is better.

Single chip package has a high lumen value. But the visual effect is poor, many small power LED combination lights easy to solve the heat. Full of stars, the road shadow overlap, likely to cause the driver's visual fatigue or vertigo, and the lamp circuit system complex lighting circuit port more, reliability is reduced; the circuit is not easy to achieve dimming, easy to damage, power conversion rate of about 85%.