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LED Street Lighting Prices Which Composed Of Several Aspects?
Oct 10, 2017

LED Street Lighting prices which composed of several aspects?

If the price of the whole set of LED lights to calculate the main price components in three parts: with light source lamps, LED lights power, street light pole.

In order to distinguish between the size of the lamp, the size of the light source and the brand, LED Street Lighting power to distinguish between the brand with the wattage, as the light pole to distinguish height, material, thickness, and some other packaging costs, buried Cage is also a small part of the price.

Overall, LED Street Lighting price composition is based on the specific needs of the configuration to set, there is no standard pricing, it seems the same configuration of the same style led street lights prices can often match a few different prices.

LED Street Lighting manufacturers how to price is suitable?

Different demand configuration corresponding to the price is not the same, then the LED lights manufacturers how to price it? In general, LED Street Lighting industry is now relatively mature, the price can be described as more and more transparent, LED Street Lighting project buyers also understand the price The

In general, the addition of all the costs, plus 5% -10% of the corporate profits is basically the final market-oriented price. LED Street Lighting price composition than the price of solar street lights to be relatively simple, but also better to do the calculation contrast, the same configuration under the price difference is getting smaller and smaller.