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LED Street Lighting Three Aspects Of The Heat Of The Experimental Study You Know?
May 19, 2017

LED Street Lighting lamp cooling three aspects of experimental research you know?

Through the practical application, it is proved that the high power LED Street Lighting lamp has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, adjustable color temperature and high color rendering. With the LED technology is mature, the efficiency of continuous improvement, LED solid-state lighting is the trend, but also the best energy-saving program. LED Street Lighting lighting system, energy-saving features mainly determined by the LED chip and power. However, LED chips and power modules are integrated together, the general space is small, poor heat dissipation, LED chips and power are heating elements, making the ambient temperature is high. Therefore, this paper by improving the thermal conditions of LED Street Lighting lamp system to improve the luminous efficiency of LED and power efficiency to reduce the ambient temperature, so that LED power and LED chip life to match, to achieve real energy saving, environmental protection, long life.

Here to talk about the main three aspects of research:

Experimental Study on Thermal Power Relationship of High Power LED Street Lighting Lamp. The relationship between the power distribution and the temperature distribution is studied in the two kinds of power supply modes, constant current and constant voltage. Set up LED Street Lighting lamp thermoelectric relationship research platform, analysis of experimental results. It is found that under constant current conditions, there is a clear linear relationship between the junction temperature and the forward voltage of the LED. The voltage drop characteristics of the LED are verified, and the junction temperature of the LED can be measured with a large current, which is different from the traditional small current measurement The Constant current drive and constant voltage drive compared to the total output power of the power more stable, however, between the multi-channel LED, due to uneven temperature distribution, the corresponding power distribution to contain each other, the high temperature that LED occupies a higher power, easy Forming a vicious circle. Therefore, the thermal balance design of high-power LED Street Lighting lamp overall quality improvement has a very important significance.

2. High power LED Street Lighting light radiator optimization design. A 150W high power LED Street Lighting lamp is used as the research object, the heat sink thermal resistance network model is established, and the radiator is designed to meet the heat dissipation requirement. On this basis, the icepak thermal analysis software is used to optimize the design. The rationality of the existing radiator design is verified, and the theoretical results are in good agreement with the optimized results. It is shown that the theoretical calculation is an important part in the radiator design. Combined with software optimization can reduce R & D costs, shorten the R & D cycle, improve research and development efficiency.

3. High power LED Street Lighting lamp power module cooling design. On the basis of designing the high power LED power supply circuit, the heat flow path and the relevant thermal resistance are analyzed, and the two heat dissipation devices are designed with the shortest heat flow path as the goal. For the power supply cooling a small space, try to micro heat pipe for LED power module cooling. The results show that the two schemes can meet the thermal design requirements of electronic equipment, and the use of micro heat pipe device cooling performance than the other program has about 5 ℃ improvement.