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Scenery Complementary Lights
Jun 03, 2016

First: selection of wind turbines

Select a low failure rate (slow speed, no steering mechanisms) of the generator, there must be no noise, full power curve, stronger wind (wind resistance up to 45m/s).

Second: the wind-solar complementary Street lamp configuration must be reasonable

Should not blindly pursue high profits, cutting corners, configure the design needs to be reasonable, for example: solar panel design in 1:3 ratio, suitable for most city roads, for example, 10 m tall lamp configurations: wind turbine generator 300W; solar panels require 75W pole height 10 m; light bulb power configurations: 80W lamp 100AH of battery maintenance-free;

Battery configurations: battery gel battery, installed in the middle of street light poles, both as a battery box and can be used as advertising. Gel batteries longer life, higher stability.

Control system: wind and solar hybrid controller or controller for battery charging/discharging control of wind power is critical, it must be controlled within the range of stable. Controller is good or bad for the life of the battery and the light plays a crucial role. For example: common battery life in the 2-3 years, high stability controller, its life up to 5-8

Light source selection was also very important, the best choice for LED lighting, we're able to offer our customers a variety of patented LED lamps, solar modules need to select a single crystal silicon solar cells, electro-optical conversion efficiency.

Third: maintenance

Regularly perform maintenance on equipment surface.