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Selected Lighting Needs To Be Confirmed
Jun 03, 2016

Variety of places for choice of lighting, used with suitable lighting. Environment lighting environment lighting

Rain site (eaves, outside rain)-rain lamps place of combustible gases (petroleum, chemical factories) pressure-resistant explosion-proof lamp

Humid areas (bathrooms, basements, underpasses, etc) moisture-proof lamps place of corrosive gas (chemical factory, hot springs) corrosion-resistant lighting

Place of low temperature (freezer) freezer with lamp shock sites (factories, stadiums, etc) earthquake-resistant lighting

Bathroom of the House and other places there is moisture, moisture, use waterproof lighting, waterproof lighting water resistance can be divided into (wet type) (rain), (rain-proof, moisture-proof type), when in use, please select the appropriate use of lighting. ‧ Eaves, wet place to House such rain, lighting insulation due to humidity, reflector rust, use moisture-proof, rain-proof lights.