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Solar Lawn Light Is An Independent Power Generation System
Oct 20, 2017

Solar Lawn Light is an independent power generation system. It can independently complete the conversion of solar energy into electricity, and can convert energy into heat for lighting and decoration use, without the need for wire transmission. The main system components are, photovoltaic systems and power supply systems.

At present, solar lawn and solar garden lights are the most widely used photovoltaic lighting industry products, but also the main products produced by enterprises. Solar lawn and solar garden lights are mainly used for garden and lawn decoration and lighting, the main market is concentrated in Europe and the United States and other developed areas. These areas of the housing more than a garden or lawn, the need for decoration or lighting, the traditional laying of cable power supply to improve the cost of lawn maintenance, difficult to move after installation, there is a certain security risk, and the need to consume more power, neither economic It is not convenient. Solar lawn lamp because of its convenience, economic and security features gradually replaced the traditional lawn lamps, has now become the home of Europe and the United States home garden lighting choice.

At present, the consumption of solar lawn lamps is concentrated in the United States and Europe, but with the economic development and consumption capacity of other countries, these areas will gradually increase the demand for solar lawn lighting, especially the implementation of energy saving and emission reduction policies in Asian countries, Will make more traditional lamps are replaced by solar lamps.

According to the 2010 China solar lawn and solar garden lights market size statistics: 2010 solar lawn lighting accounted for more than 50% of the photovoltaic lighting market in 2010, the global market size of about $ 538 million; with the photovoltaic lighting technology upgrade And the promotion of energy-saving environmental protection policies, as well as solar lawn lamps on the traditional lawn lamp replacement effect of the next few years, solar lawn lighting will maintain an average annual growth of about 50% to 2014 the global market size reached 1.814 billion US