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Solar Lawn Light System Composition And Principle
Sep 25, 2017

Solar energy as a new green energy, with its unparalleled advantages to be quickly promoted and applied. As the fourth generation of new light source, in the city lighting landscaping, road lighting, courtyard lighting, interior lighting and other areas of lighting and applications have been effectively used. Especially in remote areas without electricity, solar lighting has a wider range of applications. Most people think that energy-saving lamps can be energy-saving 4/5 is a great initiative, but LED energy-saving lamps but also energy-saving 1/4, which is a great innovation of solid light source. In addition, LED also has a high light quality, basically no radiation, reliable and durable, maintenance costs are extremely low and other advantages, are typical of green lighting. Super bright LED successfully developed, greatly reducing the cost of solar lighting to make it close to or close to the frequency of AC lighting system installed cost of the initial offer, and has a protective environment, easy installation, safe operation, economic and energy saving advantages. As the LED has the advantages of high light efficiency and low calorific value, it has been applied more and more in the field of lighting and has shown a tendency to replace the traditional lighting source. In China's western, non-main road solar street lights, solar garden lights gradually become the scale. With the vigorous development of solar lamps, "green lighting" will become a trend. The LED solar lawn lamp as one of the representatives, will also be vigorously promoted and applied.

First, LED solar lawn light system introduced

LED solar lawn light is an independent power generation system. It can independently complete the conversion of solar energy into electricity, and can convert energy into heat for lighting and decoration use, without the need for wire transmission. Charge, discharge controller, inverter, test instrumentation and computer monitoring and other power electronic equipment and batteries or other energy storage and auxiliary power generation equipment. PV system has the following characteristics: no rotating parts, no noise; no air pollution, no emissions of waste water; no combustion process, no fuel; simple maintenance, low maintenance costs; operational reliability, good stability; as a key component Of the long life of solar cells, crystalline silicon solar cell life can reach more than 25 years; according to the need to easily expand the scale of power generation.

Second, LED solar lawn light system components

The entire solar lawn consists of solar modules (photovoltaic panels), ultra-bright LED lights (light source), maintenance-free rechargeable batteries, automatic control circuits, lamps and other components.

Third, the control principle of solar lawn light:

Solar lawn lamp controller is mainly used for battery charge and discharge control. The following figure is a basic charge and discharge controller. In this figure, a basic photovoltaic application system is formed by a photovoltaic panel, a battery, a solar controller and a load. Here the switches K1 and K3 for the charge switch, K3 for the discharge switch, they belong to the solar control center part. The opening and closing of the switch in the figure is determined by the control circuit according to the charge and discharge state of the system. When the battery is fully charged disconnect the charge switch, you need to close the charge when charging switch; when the battery discharge K2 closed, or disconnected. The control circuit can be used triode, resistors, capacitors, inductors constitute the voltage comparison Boost charge and discharge circuit, you can also use light control circuit, or the use of integrated operation of the composition of the voltage hysteresis comparator, you can also use single-chip. In view of cheap consideration generally use the former.