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Solar LED Street Light Of The Road
Jul 07, 2017

  Solar LED street light of the road

  Sunshine is the precious gift of nature given to mankind, can be said to be inexhaustible, compared with other energy with clean, safe features, LED street light make full use of solar energy can save a lot of lighting electricity, saving lighting power can Indirectly reduce the consumption of natural resources (such as coal, oil, etc.) and harmful gas emissions. Solar lighting led lights to enhance the function of a large step, green lighting lighting can also be used for office buildings, residential, shops, hotels and other buildings in the basement or corridor of natural lighting or auxiliary lighting, and can achieve good lighting Effect, is an effective way of solar light utilization. Human beings, there is only one home that can survive - the earth, but now, the earth is being threatened by various environmental disasters created by mankind: water pollution, air pollution, energy crisis, garbage siege, LED street light land desertification, ozone hole .... As a resident of the earth, we can not just worry and complain, but must act. Aware of the kind of uncontrolled consumption of resources and pollution of the environment is the root cause of environmental degradation, we are willing to choose the environment conducive to the environment to treat the earth. Treat the life of the earth, is everyone can close to the green life.

  Lighting, we all need all day, the traditional way of lighting, will consume a lot of power. Led solar street light green lighting At present, LED street light  China's electricity is mainly produced by the burning of fossil fuels, while obtaining electricity at the same time to the atmosphere emissions of a large number of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases, these gases are caused by a variety of global environmental problems important reason The January 1991 The US Environmental Protection Agency first proposed the implementation of "green lighting" and promote the "green lighting project" concept. November 1993 China's State Economic and Trade Commission began to launch China's green lighting project, November 16, 1995 convened eight units to discuss "China's green lighting implementation plan", one of which is to promote natural lighting. Therefore, natural lighting is an important aspect of green lighting.

  Solar street lighting, not only low energy consumption, low carbon, more importantly, it can make our lives more healthy. Led solar street light green lighting natural light lighting conditions under the visual contrast sensitivity is higher than the power of lighting 5% to 20% or more. Bright sunshine, everything is so clear, light guide lighting system directly to the transmission of natural light, full spectrum, LED street light no frequency was, no dazzling, so that our environment more comfortable, reduce fatigue and light caused by various diseases.

  The future of solar energy will be a lot of applications in various fields, not just the street lamp industry, so that green energy with our long life.