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Solar Powered Lighting Working Environment And Characteristics
May 19, 2017

Solar Powered Lighting working environment and characteristics

China is a major energy-consuming country, energy consumption to coal, oil, natural gas-based, these raw materials reserves are limited, non-renewable, and energy consumption while discharging carbon dioxide and sulfur oxides, leading to the global greenhouse effect and acid rain, damage the environment. Therefore, the development and utilization of renewable energy, for the protection of energy security, protection of the ecological environment, to achieve sustainable development, is of great significance. The rapid development of Solar Powered Lighting, the device covers almost the entire field of lighting. The market demand for Solar Powered Lighting products growing, the demand for product quality is also getting higher and higher.

Solar Powered Lighting is solar energy for energy, through the solar cell to achieve photoelectric conversion, during the day with the battery savings, storage of electricity at night through the controller power supply to achieve the required functional lighting.

Solar Powered Lighting Working environment and characteristics

As shown in Figure 1, the ambient temperature range: -40 ~ 50 ℃ first choice of light source and a variety of electrical components must be considered in the use of this ambient temperature and life problems.

2, due to rain, snow, lightning hail erosion and interference, must have a reasonable level of security and lightning protection grounding.

3, continuous rainy days need solar panels, batteries have sufficient capacity.

As shown in Figure 4, the battery is full when the voltage can reach 14.7V, discharge can be reduced to about 10.7V, rainy days when the battery voltage will be reduced to about 10V. In this case, on the one hand through the controller to protect the battery, on the other hand to ensure that the light source in the high and low voltage can be reliable start and stable work.

Solar Powered Lighting consists of solar cells, charge and discharge controller, battery, lighting components and cables between them and several other major components.