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Solar Street Light Controller
Jun 03, 2016

1, using the lingyu-tech r Solale-scc-IV platform, through the implantation process, loading, compatible modules of ways to upgrade, run better, more stable product performance.

2, the use of industrial grade chip and precision components, ensure that the controller in cold, high temperature and humid environment under normal operation.

3, the use of in-line PWM control, charge efficiency over 5%, substantial increases in power long.

4, through the battery charge and discharge current and temperature detection of a large number of parameters, such as using SOC rules precisely calculate the charging status of the battery, are consistent with the battery performance characteristics precision control, effectively extending the battery life.

5, through MOS-Field-Effect Transistor block battery reverse current, saving unnecessary waste of energy.

6, complete protection, effective protection effect and lifetime of the battery and load-outs –

Battery overcharge and overdischarge protection/load short circuit protection, overload protection/reverse polarity protection, allowing a total of anode grounding/TVS surge voltage protection, comprehensive lightning protection

Basic parameters:

System voltage: 12V/24V automatic identification

Output current: 5A/10A/15A (optional)

Ambient temperature:-35 ¡æ ~75 ¡æ

Control mode: light control/control/light control + control/manual/mode/day mode programmatic control