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Solar Street Lights Two Important Principles Of Winter
Aug 02, 2017

  Solar street lights two important principles of winter

  First of all concerned about the solar light source light effect. Although the solar street light efficiency has been significantly improved, but there are still some manufacturers for their own interests to use low-quality light beads to do light source. The use of such a solar street light is not only the brightness of the lighting and the life of solar lights is also very short seriously affected people's travel. So in the winter solar street light application when the choice of light efficiency of solar street lights is essential.

  Second, in order to improve the quality of solar street lighting, batteries should ensure that the battery in the winter have sufficient capacity storage capacity. As the winter solar street light to receive the light has been reduced, many of the battery storage capacity is not reached and the discharge is particularly fast so that the solar street light simply failed to achieve the required lighting time. So in the winter solar street lamp application of the battery is also good or bad also affect the quality of solar street lighting. Solar street light through the solar photovoltaic panels in the day to absorb the sun's heat, and through the controller to store electricity in the battery, when the night came or light around the light below a certain value, the battery through the controller to the light source, even for a week Rainy days can also be normal lighting, with green, safe, energy saving, environmental protection, renewable and other characteristics.

  In the application of solar energy lamps, LED lights are most suitable for the pulse width adjustment to achieve the output of different power. Limit the pulse width or limit the current at the same time, the LED output of the entire duty cycle to adjust, for example, a single 1W LED7 string 5 and a total of 35W LED lights, at night discharge, you can late at night and early hours of power Adjust, such as late at night to adjust to 15W, adjust the morning into 25W, and lock the current, so that can meet all night lighting, but also saves the battery, battery configuration costs. Long-term test proved that the pulse width adjustment of the LED lights, solar street light to produce less heat, can extend the life of LED.