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The Price Of LED Street Lighting Is Still An Important Factor
Aug 15, 2017

  The price of LED Street Lighting is still an important factor

  Solar LED Street Lighting selection, the general consideration of the factors are quality and price. In the new countryside construction Solar Street lamp aspect, the price factor especially becomes the most important. In fact, the main factors affecting the price of street lamps include two aspects of one is the price of their own components, the second is the solar energy LED lighting installation costs.

  For some remote areas due to limited power resources can be installed solar LED Street Lightings can achieve low-cost road lighting and construction is also very convenient. Do a good job of solar LED Street Lighting Foundation can be installed in the middle of the street can save a lot of installation costs. Ordinary solar LED street prices in about 3000 yuan, due to the configuration of different solar LED Street Lighting prices will be correspondingly improved. Now the rural use of a height of 5 meters to six meters between the solar LED Street Lighting. The parameter of high quality LED Street Lighting:

  1. The conversion rate of light is 17%, (1000W per square solar energy, actual utilization efficiency is 170W)

  2. The present Market Street lamp lens material is improves the optical material, through the rate ≥93%, the temperature -38-+90 degree.

  3. LED Street Lighting lens, mainly used for the lens of LED Street Lighting, the spot is rectangular, the material is PMMA optics material, pass rate ≥93%, temperature-resistant -38-+90 degree, anti-ultraviolet ultraviolet ray ' Huanghua rate 30,000 hours no change, etc.,

  4. The average illuminance of pavement uniformity is 0.48. Spot ratio 1:2

  5. Accord with the illumination of the road. (Actual 1/2 center spot reaches 25LUX, 1/4 Center light intensity achieves 15LUX, 16 meters far lowest light strong 4LUX, overlapping light strong about 6LUX.)

  6. It has very good application foreground in the new city illumination. The depth of the dimming, and color and other characteristics will not be changed by dimming.

  7. Humidity: ≤95%

  8. Quality Assurance: 2 years

  Despite the rapid development of LED Street Lightings, but the standard of LED street light is relatively lag. At the global level, the LED Street Lighting standards are not all, such as the European standard LED Street Lightings now have. In fact, the standards of the LED Street Lightings in different regions, the indicators are not the same, we do LED lamps to meet the requirements of the standard sales area, so the bid led street lighting project to further study the local led street standards, only in this way will be in the market competition in the crack.