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Two Classification Methods LED Digital Tube
Jun 03, 2016

According to the number of segments is divided into seven sections of digital tubes and eight digital pipes.

Seven-segment digital tube a light emitting diode unit less than eight sections of digital tubes (that is, one less decimal point of display), press to display the number of "8" can be divided into 1-, 2-bit, 4-bit digital tube

Light emitting diode unit is divided into common anode led and common-cathode NIXIE tube.

Anode NIXIE tube is all light emitting diode anode received form the common anode (COM) digital control. Anode led in public COM received +5V applications should be, when a field light emitting diode cathode and low level, the corresponding field is lit. Yin when a field is very high level, the corresponding fields are not lit. Common cathode NIXIE tube is the cathode receives all the light emitting diodes form the common cathode (COM) digital control. Common cathode NIXIE tube in public COM applications should be received on the ground GND, when a field light emitting diode anode is high level, the corresponding field is lit. When the anode is a low level of a field, the field does not light.