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What Are The Main Factors Affecting The Price Of LED Street Lighting?
Jul 20, 2017

  What are the main factors affecting the price of LED Street Lighting?

  LED Street Lighting in recent years, the development of very fast, especially the country to vigorously promote the wisdom of urban lighting life, people advocate in a vibrant, promising city life, so LED Street Lighting also entered the people's attention, because the LED street lamp price is not uniform , Making a lot of LED manufacturers own pricing, so the price of the product is uneven, which the following factors on the price of LED Street Lighting a great impact:

  1, the cost: for LED Street Lighting manufacturers cost will be the main factor affecting the price. And the cost is the composition of the various components of LED Street Lighting and, in general, including LED light source, electrical components, signal controller, signal poles and accessories wire and other parts of the composition. The cost of each part determines the price of the last street.

  2, scientific and technological progress: With the continuous progress of science and technology, pure electronic components of the controller price will certainly be reduced, thereby driving down the price of LED Street Lighting. Of course other parts will be accompanied by a breakthrough in new technology and lower prices.

  3, the trial product material is different: different LED Street Lighting manufacturers try to use the product material is also different, seemingly exactly the same thing, because the cost of raw materials, different quality and thus cause differences in the price is also common. Here, it is recommended that the procurement department to seize the quality of procurement products, for any details of the procurement should be implemented one by one, do not give some irregular street lamp manufacturers shoddy, fake, just a few opportunities.

  For functional lighting, flexibility will cause product interchangeability issues that need to be constrained in a normative or standard form. But the special areas do not need to be standardized, can give full play to the flexibility and plasticity of LED, for small and medium-sized LED street lamp manufacturers to this development is still a great opportunity to plan the market, adjust the price of LED Street Lighting, Continue to develop the slogan of the people, the price is no longer the only consideration for consumers, in view of this, LED street lamp development prospects will be very good.