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WindSolarHybridStreet Light Savingenergysavingandenvironmentalprotection
Sep 08, 2017

Scenery is complementary, is a set of power generation application system, the system is the use of solar cells, wind turbines (alternating current into DC) will be sent to the battery stored in the battery, when the user needs electricity, the inverter will The battery stored in the battery into AC power, through the transmission line to the user load. Is a wind turbine and solar cell square two kinds of power generation equipment common power generation.

Features: Wind and solar street lights can be configured according to different climate and environment of different types of wind turbines, in limited conditions to achieve maximum use of wind energy for the purpose.

Solar panels using the highest conversion rate of the current single crystal silicon solar panels, greatly enhance the solar power generation efficiency, effectively improve the lack of wind resources in the case of solar panels due to lack of conversion rate, resulting in insufficient charge, can not guarantee the light Normal lighting problem.

Wind and solar street lights controller, wind and solar street lighting system, the most important components, plays the command of other parts of the command and the main role of collaborative work, scenery complementary controller, set light control lights, time control lights, automatic power tracking , Automatic leakage charge, overcharge and over discharge protection function in one, stable and reliable performance, customers get the praise.

The scenery is complementary with the street lamp using high-performance large-capacity maintenance-free colloidal battery for the wind and solar street lights to provide adequate power to ensure that the rainy days of LED scenery complementary light source light time, greatly enhance the stability of the system.

Advantages: energy saving, saving environmental protection, no large amount of electricity costs late. Resource-saving and environment-friendly society is becoming the trend. Compared to traditional street lamps, wind and solar street lights to renewable natural solar energy and wind energy for the energy, do not consume any non-renewable energy, do not discharge pollutants into the atmosphere, resulting in reduced emissions to zero. Long down, the protection of the environment is self-evident, but also eliminates the cost of a large number of late charges.

Eliminate cable routing works, without a lot of power supply facilities. In addition, transformers, power distribution cabinets, power distribution boards and other large quantities of electrical equipment, but also cost a lot of power, but also a large number of electrical equipment, financial resources. Wind and solar street lights will not, each street is a separate individual, no need to lay the cable, without large quantities of electrical equipment, provincial and human resources.

Individual damage does not affect the overall situation, not affected by large area power outages. As the conventional street light is a cable connection, it is likely that because of individual problems, and affect the entire power supply system; wind and solar hybrid lights will not appear this situation. Distributed independent power generation system, the individual damage will not affect the normal operation of other lights, even in the face of a large area power failure, it will not affect the lighting, uncontrollable losses so greatly reduced.

Saving a lot of cable overhead, more from the loss of cable theft. Power grid less popular areas to install street lamps, wiring installation costs are high, and there will be serious theft phenomenon. Once the theft, affecting the entire power output, the loss is huge. The use of wind and solar street lights will not have this concern, each street independent, remove the cable connection, even if the phenomenon of theft will not affect the normal operation of other lights, the loss to a minimum.

Intelligent control, eliminating manual operation, construction is simple, easy maintenance. Wind and solar street lights controlled by the intelligent controller can be divided into time control, light control two automatic control, both safety and economy; own independent power supply system, not a large area of circuit construction interference, simple process, duration Short, easy to maintain.

City lighting. As a new energy system, in the cost savings and improve system stability at the same time played a role in the light of the traditional energy occupy most of the market today, new energy will undoubtedly become a major highlight of the city and the community.

Improve people's awareness of energy conservation. The lack of traditional energy and the pollution of the environment has come to the point must be resolved. The global air pollution is very serious, the use of new energy can effectively improve people's awareness of energy conservation, so that our lives more quality and energy saving.

Wind and solar street lights is the use of wind energy and solar power supply intelligent lights, but also both the advantages of wind power and solar power for urban street lights to provide a stable power supply.